En_Tay May To Mo STEM Lab


Táy Máy Tò Mò STEM Lab is a club for all students, especially students aged above 9 who have passion for science and invention, co-founded by Táy Máy Tò Mò and AmericanSTEM. This is a place for the students to directly do experiments and study science in their own, freely design and create and make their own products come true.


  • Model: a club, members work in groups guided by specialists
  • Members can come anytime they want to participate in STEM skill’s training and discussing activities, in researching science and creating their own products


  • Creative working space
  • Adequate working tools, machines and facilities
  • Supporting and guiding from specialists
  • A community of people sharing the same passion


  • Training essential Science - Engineering - Technology knowledge and skill
  • Instructing how to do research and make their own ideas into real products
  • Producing videos and other media for their own products
  • Discussing knowledge studied in school

2 levels of STEM LAB member:

  • START: (first 2 months of membership): take part in weekly training event, research and make products by the order of STEM LAB. Main objective: get familiar with STEM approach, engineering process, how to use tools and equipment in STEM LAB.
  • INVENT & INSPIRE: research and make products freely with the support of STEM LAB staff, instruct new members of STEM LAB, directly take part in producing video clip on Tay May To Mo’s YouTube channel to spread knowledge, to inspire other kids around the world.

PRICING: Students can choose between 2 types:

  • START membership : 2 million VND/2 months
    After START level, STEM LAB membership will be: 5 million/year.
  • THE WHOLE YEAR: 5 million/year
    Participate in both 2 levels START, INVENT & INSPIRE


  • Improve students’ knowledge about Science, Technology, Engineering at school through doing experiments and discussing with friends and specialists at STEM Lab
  • Be supported to make their creative ideas come true 
  • Can freely use machines and facilities at STEM Lab at any time to create their own products
  • Learn and practice:
    + Engineering skills: 3D printer operating, coding,...
    + Communication skills: producing videos, designing, MC…
    + Soft skills: critical thinking, problem solving...
  • Through Táy Máy Tò Mò’s YouTube channel, personal image and products of STEM Lab’s members can be very popular
  • Have chance to participate in STEM Expo - a USA annual event organized to introduce students' outstanding research projects about science and invention. AmericanSTEM has ability to train and help Vietnamese students at STEM Lab to join this event.