Inventors' Summer Camp 2018 - STEM ART


Trại hè STEM tại Việt Nam


(In Hanoi)

Trại hè STEM Sáng chế STEM FARM tại Việt Nam

🌱 Target: Students 5 - 13 years old.

🌱 General Description: In this program, students play as a multi-talented producer when applying technology to produce highly creative products such as storytelling by shadow puppets, producing a short movie with the use of film prodution technology and music making process; Students will also learn about fashion and explore environmental-friendly textiles. Each group is involved in implementing different projects of the program that is suitable for each age group.

🌱 Details of the program:

Students in the age group of 5-7 years old: Storytelling by shadow puppets:

Students will gain knowledge of light and shadow through the activities of storytelling by shadow puppets, which combine the use of light, color in a creative way. In addition, to create tools for their stories, students will use different materials and techniques such as origami, lego or blocks. Students will also learn how to design sound and music on electronic devices for their story.

Students in the age group 8-10 years old and 11-13 years old: Students will work on STEM Studio and STEM Fashion projects with the difficulty increasing in each age group:

- STEM Studio: Students will work together to make a short film featuring stop-motion techniques by using camera, video editing software and normal housewares. From that, students will learn the technologies of filmmaking, the science of color and light that professional filmmakers use. To create the characters for the movie, children will use modern 3D printing technology to design and print their favorite shapes. At the same time, they will use the GarageBand application and homemade music tools to create music or sound effects for their movie.

- STEM Fashion: Students will learn the basic knowledge of fashion as well as its impact on the environment. At the same time, they will explore the manufacturing technology in the textile industry and various materials to create costumes. They will also learn about dyeing technology and using dye materials as organic coloring to protect the environment. In particular, students will use the old outfits to recycle into creative gadgets and use modern 3D printing technology to create their favorite fashion accessories.

🌱 Tuition fees:

Half-day program (8:00 – 11:30 from Monday to Friday): 4,000,000 VNĐ

Full-day program (8:00 – 16:30 from Monday to Friday): 6,000,000 VNĐ

Note: Tuition fees for the programs include

Half day program: tuition, study materials, morning snack

Full-day program: tuition, study materials, morning & afternoon snack and lunch.



🌱 INVENTORS' SUMMER CAMP 2018 in Hanoi with bilangual language English - Vietnamese includes 4 batches:

▪️ Batch 1 (4/6 - 15/6) - STEM FARM

▪️ Batch 2 (18/6 - 29/6) - STEM ART

▪️ Batch 3 (2/7 - 13/7) - STEM FARM

▪️ Batch 4 (16/7 - 27/7) - STEM ART

➤ For more information, contact: 0914 013 089 or 024 6662 8289.

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