En_ AmericanSTEM - Who are we?


AmericanSTEM is an educational organization providing STEM curriculum for K-12 students (from Kindergarten to Grade 12) and STEM training program for teachers that are aligned with U.S. national standards NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). All of our curricula is provided by our US partner EiE (Engineering is Elementary).


To excite young learners to become future innovators, developers, and creators in multidisciplinary studies through STEM education.


- The first institution to provide a comprehensive STEM education among (the) academic communities in Vietnam
- To become a critical supporter to educators and students in their pursuit of academic (of) excellence


AmericanSTEM's educational philosophy is Real STEM - Real Life.
STEM education will help students find practical solutions to the real problems of life.
Projects and tasks assigned to students must come from real-life problems, to create a connection between students and actual tasks. In order to archive this, each STEM project focuses not only on the learning objectives of a particular subject, but also on the integration of a variety of subjects, creating a complex learning environment for students, that helps develop (students’) their creativity, thinking skills and turning knowledge into their own into value.