Fashion Week-STEM Beauty: Finding Beauty In STEM


#STEMBeauty is the first STEM Project at AmericanSTEM, in which 80% of the students are girls. This is surprising, considering many parents believe that “STEM is dull and academic, only boys should study STEM.” Learning topics “Fashion Designing and Making hand-made cosmetics exercising STEM knowledge” of STEM Beauty has completely eliminated said prejudices.

 In “Making hand-made cosmetics” project, the kids learned about chemistry and the accuracy in mixing substances to create their own lipsticks, lip balm and solid perfume.

▪️ Engineering Design Process is a featured working process in STEM. The students implemented it excellently in designing their costumes. Each costume expresses very well the creativity, hobbies, characteristics and colors scheme of its designer.

STEM Beauty has ended with a Fashion Show with all of the costumes designed by the students, together with the make-ups made by their own hands and the catwalk they had been prepared for.

STEM Beauty has delivered a brand new perspective to both students and their parents. STEM is not dull as people may think, it appears in everything, even in artistic fields such as fashion and cosmetics.

STEM is #EQUAL, to all genders, at all ages, in all fields. It’s the beauty in STEM that AmericanSTEM wishes to uncover to you. Finally, the Art of STEM Beauty has confirmed that STEM has The Art. Art and Science have always co-existed inseparably.

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