AmericanSTEM | Trung tâm giáo dục STEM chuẩn Hoa Kỳ


AmericanSTEM is an educational oraganization providing STEM cirriculum for K-12 students (from Kindergarten to Grade 12) and STEM training program for teachers that are aligned with U.S. national standards. All of our curricula is STEM provided by EiE, U.S.

Our Vison

To excite young learners to become future innovators, developers, and creators in multidisciplinary studies through STEM education

Our Mission

Be the first institution to provide a comprehensive STEM education among the academic communities in Vietnam and become a critical supporter to educators and students in their pursuit of academic of excellence

Our Academic Activites

Standard Curriculum

Comprehensive STEM education for K-12 following to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), USA. Our teachers are trained and certified to teach by EiE, USA.

Teacher training and consulting services

We provide bilingual STEM teacher training programs for educational institutions in Vietnam, as well as consulting service in building STEM curriculums according to NGSS.

Online Media Platform

Online channels and media products help students, parents, teachers, and schools to approach STEM easily (STEM At Home Series, Science Videos, etc.).


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